Brittany Bridgewater

Brittany Bridgewater

Brittany started working for TravelSmiths in 2014, after realizing her passion for travel from working with TravelSmiths, booking her family’s vacations.

Brittany has recently traveled to and is a specialist in the areas of South Africa, Japan, Iceland, Switzerland, Austria. Germany, Hungary, Australia, Czech Republic, as well as Mexico and the Caribbean. Brittany is also an international and domestic road trip specialist. It's her favorite way to travel and see the world!

Brittany loves traveling to new places, (especially those NOT on her bucket list), as she has found that the places you never dreamed you would go, are the ones you end up loving the most.

Number One on the Bucket List:

Visiting Hobbiton, Waitomo Glow Worm Caves & Swinging on the world's biggest swing in New Zealand!

Longest Travel Time:
27 hours to South Africa from Denver.

Favorite International Dish:
Hot Pot in Japan! Paired with their plum wine.

Most Prized Possession:
My piano that was gifted to my mom on her 16th birthday and passed down to me.