Lexi Smith

Lexi Smith

Wanderlust is the beginning step of every adventure. Specializing in Luxury and Adventure Travel, I will unite you with your perfect destination and the travel vibe that you had only hoped actually existed.

For the thrill seekers wandering the world, I provide the best cultural immersion experiences and action filled adventures that only locals will share with a special few. From studying International Travel at University, I have learned why it is important to experience different cultures across the world. You can never truly see a place until you meet a local who changes your life forever. You will not know a country until you see with your own eyes a wonder you never knew existed.

When you travel with Lexi at TravelSmiths, you will forever crave the exotics of the vast world we live in.

Number One on the Bucket List:

Trekking Machu Picchu with G Adventures and stay at the Signature Travel Network Hotel, the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge.

Longest Travel Time:
28 hours to Wyoming from Alabama by Car.

Favorite International Dish:
Empanadas from Colombia.

Most Prized Possession:
My Great Dane, Maggie Mae.

Snapchat: lexiconnor